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Real Estate Pricing - July 2014 - We are currently updating our pricing structure - Please call for more information.

Item Description Realtor Special Full Slideshow Standard Package Enhanced Package Full House
Cost $ $ $ $ $

360º Panorama 3 - 5 5 - 7 7+
Digital Stills 10 15 20 25+ 40+
Full Motion Video yes yes
360 Panorama yes yes yes
Partial Panorama yes yes yes
HDR Photos yes yes yes
Exposure Engine yes yes
You Tube Video yes yes
Craigs List yes yes
Custom Flyer yes yes yes
E-Brochure yes yes
Printable QR Code yes yes yes yes
Voice Narration yes yes
Background Music yesyes yes yes yes
Agent Toolbox yesyes yes yes yes
Downloadable Images yesyes yes yes yes
Follow This Tour yesyes yes yes yes
Free Tour gallery yesyes yes yes yes
Double Agent yesyes yes yes yes
Gyro Mobile yesyes yes yes yes
Lead Grabber yesyes yes yes yes
Map Widget yesyes yes yes yes* yesyes yes yes yes
Status Banner yesyes yes yes yes
Double Agent yesyes yes yes yes
Traffic Reports - Deep Stats yesyes yes yes yes
Navigation Hotspots - Upon Request yesyes yes yes yes
Tiny URL's yesyes yes yes yes
Virtual Tours - RSS Feeds for Blogs yesyes yes yes yes
Private Tour yesyes yes yes yes

The Realtor Special.

You Provide the Stills.

Send us up 20 of your best digital still photos and we will create an HD V-Slide for you

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Submission to*
Free for Showcase Agents on

Many home shoppers look for a new home on, so why not have your virtual tour there. Remember that your tours all link back to your website and a push to is a push to nearly 93 real estate portal sites.


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YouTube, Facebook, Social Sites, iPad & SmartPhone Support, E-Flyer & More

For Maximum Exposure!!!

We all know that more eyes on your listings is better. Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of putting your listings on YouTube, Facebook, Googlebase, Trulia, Zillow and Front Door?? Our weekly hit reports prove the kind of traffic your listings will get when we put your listings into our exposure engine. We even update your price changes and keep your listings refreshed on these sites every two weeks. Listings remain in our exposure engine for a period of one year whereupon they may be renewed for an additional year.


Annual Renewal-$20.00

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LaVelle Studios - Seasonal Updates!

Nobody wants to have a dated listing. As the seasons change so do your images with our Seasonal Updates. We will send out a photographer to redo the spins and stills of the outside of the home.
Keep your marketing fresh!


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PanoRiderâ„¢ (Panoramic Sign Rider)
Includes our Single Property website!! (

If you're looking to add a little "pizzazz" to a real estate listing or if you are looking for a way to turn foot traffic into more web traffic, our PanoRider is just what you need.

$65.00 + tax

CD with High Resolution Images for real estate
CD With High Res Images for Print

When you're already paying to have a professional virtual tour photographer shoot your home, why not use those same images online and for print?. LaVelle Studios will give you all of our original images and panoramas burned onto a single CD for you to do with as you please.

$10.00 + tax

Custom PDF Real Estate Flyers
Custom PDF Flyers

We will create a custom PDF flyer of your listing and attach it right to your virtual tour. From there you simply download, print and distribute. Let us do your back office work while you list and sell.